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093. The Sunday Times magazine (photoshoot and interview)

"There’ll be no flirting, that’s for sure.  It’s not what this Doctor is concerned with.  It’s quite a fun relationship, but no, I did call and say ‘I want no Papa-Nicole moments’.  I think there was a bit of tension with that at first, but I was absolutely adamant."

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I’m so looking forward to this new silver fox version of Doctor Who!

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New Poster!

New Poster!

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We had some bad news today. We brought Louie to the vet for his post-op visit to check to make sure his incision from being neutered was healing well. While there we asked for him to be FIV/FeLV tested, because we had decided not to let him back outside. The test came back positive for FeLV also known as Feline Leukemia. So he is going to have to live separate from my other two cats. 

I would love to keep Louie, but I don’t think it’s fair to keep him cooped up in one room of my house. It’s certainly a better place to live than outside and he will be well cared for, but I made the decision to look for a better place for him to live out his life. So that’s where you guys come in. 

Louie needs a home where he is the only cat, as FeLV is contagious. A home where he can live the life of an indoor cat and have free reign, instead of being cooped up in one small bedroom. He could live for years yet without any problems, but he’s going to need an owner who will be able to bring him for a check-up every 6 months as FeLV cats are more prone to many diseases. He is also more likely to get sick than a normal cat, but don’t let that detour you! He is a sweet heart! You would never know I once mistook him for a feral cat. 

A little about this little fluff ball: Louie is probably about 2 years old, but because of his time spent living in the wild he never really got to be a normal kitten, so he is very playful (and can be a bit rough at times). He loves human attention, but can be a bit standoffish at first. It only took him a week, though, to go from scared feral cat to the complete love bug you see in these pictures. He really deserves a good home where he can live out his life. 

So please spread the word about Louie. I’ve seen tumblr accomplish some amazing things so it shouldn’t be too hard to help me find a home for this amazing little guy.

I live in Western NY, but I won’t let distance stop me from finding the perfect home for this awesome cat. So if you have questions or are interested in giving Louie a home send me a message. If I have to drive halfway to California or organize a country wide caravan to get Louie to his new home I will. 

(More info on FeLV)

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into darkness 

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Now, you let me grieve, hmm?

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This is the story of how I died. Capaldi is going to be magnificent.

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From a fan. I wish I’d thought of this one. #Stunning


From a fan. I wish I’d thought of this one. #Stunning

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